CLIMBING on Bolivia!

Welcome to Bolivia! 

Bolivia has a considerable number of mountains of more than 4000m in height distributed in 4 main areas. It is possible to climb most of the year and in the Bolivian Winter  (May – September) having some of the most stable mountain time in the world.
A variety of climbing in Bolivia is available from great snow (Huayna Potosí) and ice ridges (Illimani) and faces to pure rock routes (Condoriri) and everything else. Access to the main ranges is direct and fast. From the center of La Paz (capital of the government of Bolivia) it is possible reach a peak of 6000m in one day. All of this makes Bolivia one of the most profitable mountaineering destinations in the world.
If you like to be in the mountains and get high peaks it is possible to climb many classic routes (Inca Trail) in a relatively short period of time.

Mountain climbing is viewed like an extreme sport, while for others it is simply an exhilarating pastime that offers the ultimate challenge of strength, endurance, and sacrifice. It can be highly dangerous, even fatal, especially when the climber is out of his or her depth, or simply gets overwhelmed by weather, terrain, ice, or other dangers of the mountain.

The Inexperience, poor planning, and inadequate equipment can all contribute to injury or death, so knowing what to do right matters.

Despite all the negatives, when done right, mountain climbing is an exciting, exhilarating, and <strong>rewarding experience</strong>.

How start to Climb?

  1. We give you information about the mountaineering.
  2. Assess your mental strength.
  3. Get fit.
  4. Acquire the gear or we provide you.
  5. Learn about mountaineering ethics.
  6. Get training.
  7. Plan your climb and what you need.
  8. We will provide you with an experienced guide.
  9. Prepare for the trip.
  10. Understand what’s involved on arrival at the mountain.
  11. Begin climbing.
  12. Descend with plenty of time to get back safely.
Keep improving your skills and trying harder mountain climbs.

We offer you this ice climbing

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