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This is the highest mountain in Bolivia standing at an impressive 6542 meters (21486 feet). The mountain itself is is located on a plain and is a neat conical shape. The openness of the plain can mean this climb can get quite windy sometimes but also means the views can be fantastic.

The area of Sajama is sparsely populated and you will only see a handful of dwellings outside of the small village of Sajama.

In the  area the main activity  is Alpaca and Llama farming. Nearby there are natural hot springs, “Chullpas” burial chambers and also other great mountains to climb such as Parinacota and Pomerata (The Twins).

Sajama National Park was one of the first parks established in Bolivia.

It was founded in 1939 with an extension of 120,000 hectares to protect the fauna endemic to the Bolivian High Plateau such as: vicuñas, pumas, Andean geese and a variety of birds and plants. This park is crossed by the western cordillera of the Andes whose peaks over 6000 meters are dormant volcanoes.

The Sajama Volcano (6542 m) forms part of this mountain range. It is the highest mountain in Bolivia and is a coveted goal of many local and foreign climbers who year after year try to conquer its summit.

To climb this mountain you do not need any experience and be very well acclimitised. We recommend that you have spent at least 7 days above 3000 meters (we recomend Trekking) and have done some high altitude trekking or climbed another 5500 meter plus peak.

Dificult:   ­­­ ─  Duration:  days  night

  • Private transportation 🚍 🏙
  • complete board on the tour
  • insulation mat
  • tent 🏕
  • guide🕺

  • Sleeping bag
  • Headlamp
  • sun glasses entrance ticket
  • 2 liters of water (first day)
  • personal porter

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