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The region of the Titicaca Lake generally has good weather, but from December to February the rain could be too much.To 3 hours and a half from La Paz.

Besides this, Copacabana is a region that show not only beauty of its geographical content, but also historical, cultural and religious content, that’s why this region always has been considered a privileged and sacred place.

Cuzco the capital of the Inca Empire

The history tell us, that incas met and concentrated in Sun Island because they have decided to go through the lake, arrive in Chucuito and go to Cuzco in order to found the new capital called Tahuantinsuyo.

So the Sun Island and Moon island (Titikaka Island, Cotia island) will be the principal sanctuaries and Copacabana a refuge center for miles of peregrines who comes from all regions and different allyus of the Inca’s territory.

So over this peninsula many families joined in communities (allyus) who represented and came from more than 42 different towns, and lived in this region obeying the politic of moving people (mitimaes) made it for the Estate.

And this people with the visitants will be part of ceremonial rites and parties made in the penalties and purification centers like temples, lodges, sanctuaries, etc. which are linked for incredible roads that are carefully built with stones over the peninsula and the islands.


Dificult:   ­­­ ─  Duration:  days  night

  • 1st Day: LA PAZ CITY – COPACABANA Departure from La Paz by car to Copacabana (3 hours and a half 3840 meter above sea level) we will arrive at midday. Hotel. In the afternoon we will visit the astronomic observatory (Horca del Inca), the archeological place of Inti K´ala, the Virgin’s church, the Calvary (space holly ceremonial, where there are ancient rites of origin prehispanic).
  • 2nd Day: COPACABANA – SUN ISLAND we will begin the trek (15 Km.) on the older road that permit us a fabulous view with incredible landscapes, later we will arrive to Yampupata (extreme finish of the peninsula). We will go on canoe to Sun Island. Camping near of the archeological place of Pilkokaina.
  • 3rd Day: SUN ISLAND – CHALLA – MOON ISLAND the trek permit us before to arrive to Challa we will visit the sacred fuente, the gardens de terrazzo’s Inca, after that installer us in our camp in Challa we will continue the trek in order to visit the holly rock, and the place archeological of the Chinkana (labyrinth), called because its building in two symmetric parts that constituted a lodge for olden visitants of the sacred Island. We will return to Challa camp.
  • 4th Day: MOON ISLAND – TIQUINA – RETURN TO LA PAZ CITY departure to Moon Island (1 hour and half on boat), afterwards a small but interesting visit of the temple of the wear Incas (Iña Uyu) we will continue the tour for 2 hours more to Tiquina where return to La Paz city by car.


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