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It is about 7 hour’s trip.

Tiwanacu come with us to visit this magic and charming place at 72km. from La Paz, we will visit a pre-Inca archaeological place “tiwanaku”. This place is know by their monuments and their admirable lattice sculpture (monolitos).

Also, it is one of the great archaeological capital, we will be able to visit the semi-underground template, Kalasasaya, The Sun Gate, which has become a Bolivia symbol, and the Museum.

In this tour you can see the old constructions of

  • Templete Semisubterráneo:
  • Kalasasaya:
  • Akapana Pyramid:
  • Puerta del Sol (Gateway of the Sun):
  • Ancients Monolitos
  • Puma Punku:

The Mistery behind the Ruin!

Today, Tiwanaku is a popular tourist site and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visitor can view its many ancient monuments, and gates like Gateway of the Sun – and statues, all of which attest to the importance of this once ceremonial city.

– Located: Tiwanacu is located in the west of Bolivia, in the Ingavi province belonging to the department of La Paz city (seat of government), 72 km.
– Meters Above sea Level: 3844 m
– Average temperature: 8 ºC.


Dificult:   ­­­ ─  Duration: 4 hours

  • 1st Day: La Paz – Tiwanaku – A mysterious and legendary city near Lake Titicaca (3.486 meters above sea level). It is and old American civilization that as more of 3.000 years located to 72 km. from La Paz city. It has been founded in 1548. In Tiwanaku you will be able to appreciate Kalasasaya Temple, Akapana Pyramid, the Sun Gate, Putuni and Kantalalita.

  • Transportation 🚍 🏙
  • Guide during the tour🕺 
  • Snacks


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