Happy New Year 2019 in Rurrenabaque

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On WhatsApp Click Here (591) 75267647 

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¡Happy New Year in Rurrenabaque!

Why Rurrenabaque?

Out of the ordinary

Spend the new year in a different place, exotic, with a pleasant climate. Meet different people. Get away from the noise and routine of the city.


In Rurrenabaque you can enjoy beautiful views, great opportunities to observe wildlife and observe birds, and meet the friendly locals and their ancestral culture.


Rurrenabaque enjoys a warm and very humid climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of 27ºC.

Go in plane

The 45-minute flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque is an exciting start to your adventure in the Amazon, as the small plane flies over the arid landscapes of the Andes before descending abruptly into lush valleys and an endless jungle. A strip of asphalt outside the city is the main airport.


Rurrenabaque is located about 430 km by road north of La Paz, at a point where the Beni River, were ends the Andes Mountains and the Amazon jungle start.

Rurrenabaque is known as the gateway to all the adventures of the Bolivian Amazon and has emerged in recent years as the most popular ecotourism destination in the Bolivian Amazon, and in fact one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, with about thirty thousand visitors per year. This jungle town is an ideal starting point to experience the rich biodiversity, the beautiful landscapes, the native cultures and the friendliness of the locals that make this region so special.

Stay in the Hotel – Los Tucanes de Rurre

The best place to experience adventure, surrounded by exuberant nature, allowing your senses to experience the delights of this land



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Information and bookings:

On WhatsApp Click Here (591) 71998353

On WhatsApp Click Here (591) 75267647 

¡Happy New Year 2019 in Rurrenabaque!

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