Trekking in Bolivia!

Our great adventure begins in Bolivia that has great plains, spectacular valleys, endless mountains, lagoons, and many more places, ideal for hiking. The excursionismo is a physical activity that consists of crossing by specially natural routes, which gives the title of sport of Adventure, which demands the respect to the Environment (ecological tourism).

The trekking seeks to bring people to the natural environment, knowledge of the area and traditional ethnographic and cultural elements, preferably using roads and trails, usually on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

In isolated areas generally with difficulty of transit, such as mountainous areas, forests, jungles or remote places without trails (natural environment), among others.

Like any other sport you have to follow certain rules and techniques related to the care of a sport that could be extreme.

The journey can be difficult as well as incredibly beautiful!

The trekking is one of the most beneficial sports for the body and Bolivia has several perfect excursions to practice the sport.

The benefits of trekking in the heights.

  1. Reduce bad cholesterol.
  2. Improves the cardiovascular system: heart, lungs and reduces stress; And this minimizes the risks associated with vascular diseases and diabetes.
  3. Increase of the general strength and muscular toning of the lower train.
  4. Increased bone density, especially recommended for women over 40.
  5. Increases optimism / good mood and reduces the possibility of depressions.
  6. Improves sleep quality.
  7. Weight control: Hiking burns about 500 calories per hour in an average person.
  8. Activity and moderate exercise reduce the risk of early death.

We can regulate the intensity of trekking, increasing and reducing the pace of ascension and descent and choosing more or less demanding routes.

But, in addition, we can prepare our muscles, adapting our organism to take full advantage of our mountain trips.

When descending we mainly work the quadriceps, while when ascending we use hamstrings and buttocks fundamentally and ‘pull’ of kidneys so it is important that in addition to exercises to strengthen the legs, tonify well the middle or abdominal area.

We offer this treks

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