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The Apolobamba trek, deep inside the heart of Bolivia, is the ultimate journey to the ends of the Earth.

The Apolobamba mountain range in the Northeast of La Paz, is one of the most beautiful regions in Bolivia. In this mountains birth to many rivers that rush down to become the arteries of the Amazon. The Apolobamba Range at their various altitudes present an incredible scenery, flora and fauna.

The most important mountain peaks of the Cordillera Apolobamba are the Chaupi Orco (6.044 m), Cololo (5.915 m), Palomani Grande (5.730m), Cuchillo (5.655m), Ascarani (5.580 m) and Akamani (5.400m), Nubi (5.710m), Canisaya (5.706m), Montserrat Norte (5.655m), Katantica Central (5.630m).

The place has a diverse Andean fauna that is seldom seen in other places. The park have a several thousand alpacas, llamas and vicuñas, and also the largest population of condors in Bolivia. Cougars and spectacled bears continue to roam the more isolated regions.

The Apolobamba region is the land of the Kallawaya, an ethnic group that became highly acclaimed because of its many itinerant medical doctors, who were famous in the Kollasuyu region since before the Spanish conquest.

In the Andean region, both magic and natural medicines are considered to be necessary in order to cure psychological and physical illnesses. For people of this region, illnesses are always psychosomatic. Therefore, large communities such as Curva (the starting point for our trek) remain regions that specialize in Andean traditional medicine, which uses many different natural substances, including plants, water and minerals, but the sun and spirits as well.

While crossing this magical land, we arrive al Pelechuco, an old colonial village


Dificult:   ­­­ ─  Duration: days  nights


  • Private shuttles 🚍
  • Meals
  • Local Guide(s) 🕺(French-speaking guide available upon request)
  • All Entry fees
  • Cooks and porters (mules)
  • Tent🏕
  • Kitchen equipment, and dinning tent (with seats)
  • oxygen tanks
  • first-aid kits and several tools
  • Sleeping back. You can rent one on site.
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