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Dificult:   ­­­ ─  Duration: days  nights

  • 1st Day: CHOJÑAKHOTA: departure from La Paz to Hichukhota, principal population between  Chacacomani – Negruni. at 3 hours to travel arrive the  Chojñakhota lake (4200 m.) we  will camp near Free  afternoon. 
  • 2nd Day: AJUANI 5 hours. Trek to arrive  (4600 m.), then  walk around the Chacapa base, where we will see the empty gold mines. Arrive to Ajuani (4850 m.)  6 hours approximately. Continue the trek . we will camp next to the eponym lagoon.  
  • 3rd Day: JURIKHOTA: First Paso Janchallani ( 4850 mts.) and then the Paso Jurikhota  (4850 m.) 6 hours.of trek to arrive  Jurikhota. 
  • 4th Day: CONDORIRI: Apacheta step  5100 m. ( the highest of all the program ) arrive to Condoriri lagoon (4600 m.)  6 hours approximately we make a trek after that  we will arrive at the camp. 
  • 5th Day: ANCOMA: 2 pasos at (5000 m.) get down to Liviñosa valley, arrive to  Ancoma (3750m.) 6 hours  approximately .  we will spend the night  into the camp. 
  • 6th Day: TIQUIMANI – UMAPALCA (4630 m.) get down to Bojtilaca, get up to Tiquimani, After  we will camp in  Umapalca  at  7 hours.
  • 7th day: SANJA: 3 hours to arrive Matilde Paso ( 4700 m.) 3 hours. We will start to walk down  in direction of  Sanja valley , camping  to (3800 m. ) 
  • 8th day: SAMANA PAMPA: Chucura ( 4200 m.) arrive to the Samana Pampa camping (3850m.) 
  • 9th Day: LA CUMBRE – RETURN TO LA PAZ: Return  to La Cumbre ( 4750 m.) where a car will wait for us.

  • Local guide.  
  • Transport.  
  • Food during the tour.

  • Back pack (30 lts.)
  • Sleeping bag.

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