This is a difficult and very hard trip because it is carried through the entire Cordillera Real beginning in Sorata a great valley, and continue to Palca, Huarihuarini, after a few days we arrived at Condoriri a beautiful place in the Andes.

When making this trip, we can appreciate beautiful natural landscapes, vegetation, animals and above all the peace that provides the silence of the plateau. We will walk paths and paths that are used by the comunarios and inhabitants that communicate of the different towns by which we have to pass. Bringing us an opportunity to share with the villagers.

From the valley we will go up to the high plateau, with which we will notice a change in the environment, advancing with the trip we will find the climate of the mountains, touching at times Huayna Potosí, the climate will be more adverse due to the cold wind.


Dificult:   ­­­ ─  Duration: days    nights

  • 1st Day: SORATA  departure from La Paz city by car to Sorata vigalle, beautiful and flowing valley at Illampu´s feet.  2800 m of altitude. In the  afternoon we will continues the trip by car to  Ancoma valley which is located  nor-oriental  side of Illampu mountain. Camping to 3900m.
  • 2nd Day: COCOOYO  Paso of Korthuasini ( 4400 m.) down hill  to  epónimo valley. 6 hour s of trek to  camp to 3600 m. 
  • 3rd Day: CHAJOLPAYA  Paso Sarani ( 4500 m.) from this place we will check others snow mountains like Chiarhoco, 6 hours to Camp to 3950m.  
  • 4th Day: CHACAPA  Paso Sillasani ( 4650 m.)  we will camp to 3900 m. Next to a river. 
  • 5th Day: PALCA  paso Keakeani (4450 m.)  down hill to valley near of  Amanguaya to the place called Palca. 5 hours of trek to camp 3950 m. 
  • 6th Day: HUARIHUARINI Paso Hankolacaya ( 4700 m.) Camp ( 4450 m.) 5 hours of trek. 
  • 7th Day: HANKOKHOTA: Paso Hankokhota ( 4950 m.) in this way we will cross la Cordillera Real to Hankokhota valley. Camp next to Khotia lagoon or Chojñakhota.( 4420 m.).
  • 8th Day: AJUANI: Paso de 4600 m. Then we will walk around  Chacapa mountain, where we will check some empty mines of gold. Up hill to Ajuani. Camp 4700 m. 6 hours of trek. Camp near to  epónima lagoon. 
  • 9th Day: JURIKHOTA: first pass Janchallani (4860m.) and el paso Jurikhota( 4900 m. ) approximately 6 hours of trek . we will arrive at camp of Jurikhota (4700 m.) 
  • 10th Day: CONDORIRI: Paso of la Apacheta 5100 m. (highest in the all program). Arrive to Condoriri lagoon (4650 m.) 6 hours of trek. Camping. 
  • 12th Day: ANCOMA – CHACAPAMPA: 2 pasos to 5000m. Down hill to Liviñosa lagoon, arrive to Ancoma (3750 m.) 6 hours of trek we will arrive to  Camp to Achacapampa. 
  • 13th Day: BASE CAMP: Paso to Zongo´s plataform to Huayna Potosi (4700 m.) up hill  then we will cross Zongo lagoon, up hill we will arrive snow mountain where  we will continuous to place called “Nido de Halcones” camp 5 hours approximately of trek to Camp in glaciar to 5500 m. 
  • 14th-15th Days: ASCENTION TO LA CUMBRE AND RETURN TO  LA PAZ CITY:  ascension to la Cumbre you will need  approximately. 4 to 6 hours of down to base camp ( Zongo platform) Return to La Paz city by car

  • Mountain equipment.  ⛏
  • Local guide or bilingual guide. 🕺 
  • Carp. 🏕
  • Transport. 🚍 🏙
  • Food during the tour. ☕️🥗

  • Back pack (60 lts.)
  • Sleeping bag (-10).
  • Jacket or polar pants.
  • Baterries.

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